Non-Cedrus response pads


It seems that superlab only recognizes cedrus response pads. Is there an effort to make it possible to also recognize other vendors?

Not quite true. SuperLab also supports the Serial Response Box made by Psychology Software Tools. Do you have a particular device in mind?

hi Hisham,

It’s a different vendor serial response box. I will have to check exactly what it is. However I would think we could just change some parameters in superlab such as the baud rate and the port and it should work. Currently this SR box is connected via USB and not rs232. I do get response in notepad when I test the hardware.


the response pads is made by Current Designs.

The Current Designs controller can emulate a Cedrus response pad. Once you’ve enabled that mode, in SuperLab:

  • Click on the [B]Experiment[/B] menu and select [B]Participant Input[/B]. A dialog appears.
  • Enable the input device "RB Series Earlier Response Pad Models".
You may also need to click on the [B]Setup[/B] tab to select the proper port and model.

Hi Hisham,

I tried that and every other combination. However nothing is recognized. I think the problem is that only one port is recognized (COM3) and I do not have the option to select the usb port. With the mouse or touch screen option the mouse (usb) works just fine.

Note, I have a cedrus response pad as well however it has a permanent home in our MR control room (can’t use for testing or practice sessions, only for actual experimental scans) and I am waiting on both an rs232-usb adapter as well as and rs232 extension cable to be delivered. I know this may introduce some timing delay but this isn’t a big issue since response timing is going to be relative. The only concern that I have is that the rs232-usb connection will cause the cedrus response pad not to be recognized since it is originally supposed to be communicating via a serial port.


Ok, so here is what I found out from cudes guys. The emulation capability for the cudes is only for serial. In order to use it using the USB then we have to choose

Keyboard single keys in superlab.

This way it works fine.


Regarding your concern with a USB-serial port adapter, these things usually come with a USB driver that, once installed, makes the computer think that you have a serial port. It typically works well.