No internet access after installing the SuperLab software

Hi, I have installed SuperLab on Windows 11 PC. But there is a problem on my PC, after installing the software, I cant access any internet. I dont know what could be the issue.

I checked the Wifi settings and it is stable. Then why there is happening a internet issue. Is the problem anyhow related installing the software? Please help…

Actually I was wrong, I thought the issue was happening due to installing the software. But it was the Chrome browser issue.

After posting the thread here, I was checking the internet in another browser and it was working. Then I thought the issue might be related in Chrome. Then I searched on Google and found this post. The internet access was disabled in Chrome. So as per article’s suggestion, first I allowed Chrome through the Windows Firewall and added Exclusion to Windows Security.

After doing these tasks when I restart my PC and run the internet, there was no kind of issue.

Thank you for the follow up note.