Newbie help with missing presentation style

I am very new to Superlab. So forgive the probably very naive question. I have a Quicksilver G4 running OS X 10.4.11 and the most up to date version of the runtime of SuperLab. I don’t have a license to the full version at this point. I received a program developed in SuperLab for Windows and am having problems getting it to run. The error is something along the lines of there is a missing presentation style. Happy to get a FAQ kind of response, but would appreciate some kind soul steering me in a direction that will help me find this presentation style file that will work with my runtime of SuperLab. The program in question takes emotionally evocative movie clips as well as some screen clicks to respond to the movies. We are also acquiring autonomic data before during and after the film presentations. Thanks in advance.

More details on runtime problems

I am using Mac runtime 4.0.8.

The plugin I am lacking is called “Measurement Computing Devices.”

The digital output event type for the “Measurement Computing Device” is not compatible with the Mac. The person who has the full version of SuperLab needs to take this event type out in order for you to be able to run the experiment.