New User

Dear Concern,
I am graduate student, and have just downlaoded the Demo version of SuperLab 4.0.

I am trying to create an experiment which

  1. present list of words;
  2. get subjects’ feeback (Yes and No) and record their reaction time.

I try to find a manual of 4.0 and only get a manual of the version 2.0.
I guess the interface of 2.0 is quite different from 4.0 and so I cannot follow the instructions.

Is there a Manual of 4.0 available for trial users?

Thank you very much.

Hello Beeto,

All the available information can be accessed from with SuperLab 4.0. Click on the Help menu and select Help Contents. There is a tutorial available.


Hi Hisham,
thanks for your information. I am able to create an experiment now.

But how can I view the data collected? I have tried to click the “collected data file” in the help menu. It shows a sample of collected data file but I don’t know how can I assess this data file in SuperLab.

Thanks for your information and help.

The data file is a tab-delimited text file. SuperLab does not show the output file, but you can view it in any text editor. Also, spreadsheet programs like Excel will show it properly.