NEW — SuperLab 5 is Now Shipping

It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of SuperLab 5. Our team is very proud of this new release, the set of new features that it introduces, the user interface simplifications that it pulls off, and its stability.

SuperLab 5 introduces:

  • New [B]trial randomization[/B] options
  • Completely redesigned and turbocharged [B]feedback[/B] options
  • New [B]features[/B] like [B]parameters[/B] that make it possible to keep counts, recall responses and text strings, and keep track of presented trials

We recommend SuperLab 5 to all users except those who are in the middle of a study and are collecting data, and Mac users who are still on Mac OS 10.4 Tiger.

SuperLab 5 can open all experiments saved in SuperLab version 4.0 or later. Experiments saved in version 5 cannot be opened in earlier versions.

Licenses purchased after March 4, 2013 are eligible for a free upgrade.

[SIZE=“2”]Obtaining Version 5[/SIZE]

The latest version of SuperLab 5 can always be obtained from