New: StimTracker -- Born to Send Event Markers

Cedrus is pleased to announce the imminent release of StimTracker, a device created with only one purpose: sending event markers. More importantly, StimTracker ships ready to connect with devices from the following manufacturers:

  • ADInstruments
  • Biopac
  • BioSemi
  • Brain Products
StimTracker can also deliver its event markers to any computer with a parallel port. It can deliver markers sent from the stimulus presentation computer via USB, of course, but can additionally deliver markers from the following:
  • Up to 4 photocells (two included)
  • Voice key
  • Two audio channels/speakers
  • Six TTL input lines
StimTracker eliminates the need to worry about pin assignments and mating connectors -- it's ready to go.

StimTracker is now shipping.

(See also The Making of StimTracker)