New: Data Viewer 2.0 Is Now Available

We are very pleased to introduce version 2.0 of the Cedrus Data Viewer.

[SIZE=2]A Major Leap Forward[/SIZE]

Version 1.0 introduced the ability to look at your data files, obtain summary information, transpose and merge them. Version 2.0 adds significant new features. It lets you:

  • Flag rows manually
  • Have Data Viewer flag rows based on a variety of criteria
  • Hide rows for better viewing of data
  • Omit flagged or hidden rows from the merged output
  • Sort rows with a single click on a column header
  • Color rows based on the correctness of response
  • Hide columns
  • Move columns
Data Viewer works on Mac OS 10.3.9 or later and Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. It is [B]free[/B] to SuperLab users. It can be downloaded at

[SIZE=2]Screen Snapshots[/SIZE]

The following screen snapshot shows rows colored in red when the response was incorrect and others that are flagged. The rows are sorted by trial name.

Cedrus Data Viewer 2.0 can also flag records automatically based on the reaction time, the correctness of the response, or the standard deviation:

Merge options have been enhanced so you can now include or exclude flagged rows or hidden rows: