Negotiation Simulation

Hi, we are interested in creating a negotiation simulation between a subject and the computer.

We want to set up a hypothetical situation/negotiation/scenario and present this to our subject and have them make a response in an effort to reach a goal. the goal that they are trying to reach is not necessarily the goal that the other participant (the computer) in the negotiation is trying to reach.

In order to complete this we were hoping to have the subjet answer one of a few options which could lead to an outcome after a series of these choices (either reaching their goal, the computer reaching their goal, reaching a compromise, or neither goal being reached)

is there a way to set up this many conditional trials with the subject responding depending upon the negotiation scenario and then the computer reacting based upon that particular answer?

Sorry if this is a confusing explanation we are still working out the specifics but want to know if it is possible on superlab before we go further

any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

SuperLab can use conditional branching based on some criteria, however the current version cannot compute scores. If this is a crucial part of your experiment it cannot be done.