need help - repeating incorrect responses


I tried to follow your explanation about repeating incorrect responses. But it doesn’t work. I do not understand why you wrote “repeat the current block” under the tab “if true”. If I make the same, the program repeats everything that was answered right. BUT!!! If I choose “repeat the current block” under the tab “if false” nothing happens. The wrong answers aren’t repeated.
I don’t know what to do now.

It would be very kind of you, if you helped me. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


What version of SuperLab are you using? The most current version is 4.0.7b. Also, double check your code values and make sure you set them correctly.

I use the version : SuperLab Pro 4.0 Executable

In my program I use a stimulus list, so I need to use the stimulus list editor to fill in the code values.
Is that Right?

Under Experiment I click on the stimulus list --> I edit the stimulus list and click on code values–> there is written, that my experiment doesn’t contain any code values yet --> I click on “CODES” --> I create a code name and click on “this code’s values will be attached to: A trial” In the right column, called “values” I type the first one called “correct” and a second one “incorrect”. If I click on done, now, there’s still written: “This experiment doesn’t contain any code values yet”
I do not understand this.

Furthermore I do not understand, why the programm either repeats nothing or only repeats the right answers.

Thanks for your help.


Can you please go to the Help menu within SuperLab and choose About SuperLab 4.0? What version does it say?