Need help on creating an experiment

I am a newbie so apologies if this seems super simple. It probably is, but I can’t figure out the best way to do it.

I want to create an experiment that goes like this:

  • Cue (cross in middle of screen)
  • Text Stimulus (a word drawn from a list randomly)
  • Mask (random string of letters, paired with each Text Stimulus)
  • Cue
  • Text Stimulus
  • Mask

This sequence should repeat some number of times, say 20-30 times. Every time a Stimulus Text is shown, it should be drawn randomly from a list, with each word from the list used and no words repeating. Then the paired mask is shown.

I think I understand how to do this clumsily, without using a Stimulus List, with many Events. But then I’m not able to change the presentation time without changing it for 20-30 Events.

Is there a way to create a Block that loops, with Cue, Stimulus, and Mask as Trials, and where the Stimulus trial draws from a Stimulus List randomly, and can pair with a list of Masks? Or is there another way?

I hope that makes any sense at all. I’d really appreciate any help!