Need 3 pictures to be presented consistently

My experiment (inconsistently) does not produce 1 out of 3 target pictures. Sometimes it shows all three pictures and then sometimes it doesn’t. The experiment looks like this: Prime (pic & sound). Disapper. Target pictures (A,B,C; presented in random order). Most often Target picture A is missing. Is there anyway to have Target pix A presented consistently?

Thank U

Can you please post your experiment? I would need to take an in-depth look to see what the problem may be.

Here is the beginning of my experiment. There isn’t any sound yet. You will need to run it a few times to see the inconsistency. Like I said, sometimes is runs perfectly, but not always.

Thanks for your input!

rhyming 4.sl4 (11.4 KB)

The problem that your experiment was having was due to a bug in SuperLab. SuperLab was not resetting the trial variable correctly. The bug happens in only very specific situations, which is why no one had ran into it or reported it before.

The bug fix will be part of the upcoming SuperLab 4.0.8 release, but meanwhile, you can get around it in your experiment by following these steps:

  1. Change the variable to Sequential

  2. Save and re-open the experiment

  3. Change it back to Random With No Replacement

I hope this helps.

I am having the same issue. Do I have to restart the experiment every time I want to run the experiment? When will the next version be released?

Has following the steps above corrected your problem?

I ended up not using trial variables for image location randomization for other reasons, so this problem no longer applies.

However, I am having a different issue now. When I assign feedback to events, and then run multiple trials, the feedback only appears on the final trial.

So if there’s only one trial the feedback works fine, but then when I add more trials, the feedback only appears on the final trial. It’s not the trial itself that’s determining it, because even when I sort the trials differently, the feedback only comes up at the last one.

What could be the problem, and more importantly–what’s the solution?


I figured out the problem: My feedback event was specified as invisible. Thanks, though!

yes, it seems to run now.

But, do I need to always make the changes from sequential to random with no replacement, exit out of SuperLab to run the experiment?

Thank you again for the support!

You should only have to do it one time.

Random With Replacement Not Presenting All three Pictures

After attempting to open a file that was attached to another post that I made about Stimulus Lists and Simultaneous Presentation of Stimuli, I now have the same problem as the poster.

After I change to sequential everything is indeed sequentially presented and then I save, close, restart computer, reopen file, change back to random with replacement but the problem is still present.

I didn’t have this problem before attempting to unzip and open this file. When trying to open the unzipped file it asked for a password or skip unzipping the password protected file. I skipped unzipping the password protected file and tried to open the other files, but it crashed my system and I got several reports about things failing to load.

random with no replacement to present 3 pictures is not working

I have this problem again. I How can I have 3 pictures being viewed simultaneously in a consistent pattern? I just ran this experiment with a subject and it was so inconsistent that I have to throw this subject’s results out. Please help!!

Have you tried doing the steps again?

  1. Change the variable to Sequential

  2. Save and re-open the experiment

  3. Change it back to Random With No Replacement

Hi Monika,

Yes, I did exactly that during my experiment. It did not work.

Any other ideas? Can you create an update for me to add this de-bugging fix to my current 4.07 version?

I have run this by the development team even though a new version is forthcoming. As of right now, I don’t know the release date.