Multiple trial / event editing

It would be great if you could select multiple events (or trials) and edit them all at once.

I know there have been a couple of messages in the forum saying this feature is not on the to-do list, but its absence has cost me a lot of time. Stimulus lists, trial variables, etc. are handy but they just don’t cover every eventuality. Sometimes you need to edit many individual trials / events - to correct errors, alter text colour / size to fit a new monitor, add feedback, add or change the correct response, and so on - and it would be a lifesaver if each one didn’t have to be edited separately.

pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease… :o


Hear hear.

I edit multiple events all the time in SuperLab 2 and was dissappointed to find the feature gone in version 4.

still hasn’t got multi edit opption …it’s a pile of crap