Multiple stimuli presentation tracking

Hey, all:

I am trying to create an experiment that does the following:

  • Presents three stimuli (Left, Center, or Right) at random;
  • Keeps track of the number of times each stimulus has been presented;
  • Requires NO response for the first three times a specific stimulus has been displayed;
  • Requires a CORRECT response (1,2, or 3) upon the fourth presentation of each stimulus;
  • Loops back around to present the initial stimulus again after the fourth presentation;
  • For the first presentation in each set of four, displays a different stimulus image;
  • Continues until a set time limit has passed.

For example:

The subject is first presented with an X on the left side of the screen; this signals him that this is the first presentation of the “Left” stimuli. The next three stimuli presented in the “Left” position are O, and he must press the “1” key upon the 4th “Left” presentation (which would be the 3rd O presentation.) After that presentation, the X on the left would be presented again, signalling the restart of the “Left” trials.

All of that also needs to be happening for the “Center” and “Right” areas of the screen, at the same time (only one stimulus displayed at any given time, though), with the presentations of “Left”, “Center” and “Right” randomized.

I’ve been working on this for a while, and have attached a package file to this post. It does the job, but only for the left side. Our goal is to be able to run this experiment in all possible combinations (left/center/right only, L+R, L+C, C+R, & L+C+R), and hopefully to add auditory and tactile stimuli as well.

Finally, in the package that is attached you’ll notice a “CUE” marker come up between each event. That’s just a spacer I placed in there for timing purposes–feel free to ignore it. Oh, and when running the package, select “Left Visual Group Only” from the list of participant groups.

Thanks for your time!


Ash’s Project (4.66 KB)

I forgot to mention above (and I’m sure you know this already) that we won’t be able to use Stimulus Lists for our stimuli, since we’ll be using auditory and tactile stimuli in combination with the visual. At least, that’s the impression I’ve received. If there’s a way to use Stimulus Lists with auditory and/or tactile stimuli I’d love to hear about it. :wink:


Hey all:

I’ve been working on this all day and have created an updated version of the package that may do a better job of demonstrating what I’m after. It can be run using All Participants or either of the two groups.

If you need any more info, don’t hesitate to post or email me.

Thanks a bunch!


Project 1-15 - FXNL to Level (5.07 KB)

This might be quicker answered over the telephone. I will contact you by private message to schedule a time.


Hey guys,

Thanks for all of your help in resolving this issue! I’ve attached a copy of the updated solution for future reference.

Thanks again!

Project 1-15 - (2.51 KB)

Thank you so much for posting your experiment. :slight_smile:

Having a bit of trouble…

Hey, all!

I’ve been working on expanding the experiment for a while now, and am running into a problem. I can’t seem to figure out what’s going wrong here. I’ve added two more blocks (one for center and one for right) and have checked over and over to see if they match up with the one we put together during our teleconference. There don’t seem to be any major differences, but I can’t seem to get ANY of the blocks to recognize a correct answer. Any and all responses are met with the “responded too soon” tracer, and not answering at all doesn’t give me the “missed it” tracer as it should.

I’m sure it’s just a small macro or coding issue, but I just can’t seem to find it.

At this point I’m quite frustrated, and would really appreciate it if you’d have a look at it and see if you can find out what I’m missing. :slight_smile: The functional package is posted above, and I’ve attached the new non-functional one to this post.

Thanks a bunch!


Project 1-15-7 - (3.8 KB)

Thanks again!

Hey, all:

Thanks again for all of the debugging help. I’ll post the finished experiment package as soon as I have it finished.

You’ve been a great help!



Finished product

As promised, here is the finished product, tested and fully functional.

Thanks again! I couldn’t have done it without your help. :slight_smile:

Project 1 - Updated (3.83 KB)