multiple RTs from microhpone input

Whenever I set up an experiment using micrphone input as my measurement of RT I seem to get multiple RT’s for each event. This never happened in previous versions of superlab.

I’m using an intel mac with a usb microphone. The question now is whether the first RT or the last RT is the accurate measurement as I’ve run a bunch of people out of the country!

Does the event has a response other than the microphone’s that is designated as a correct response? SuperLab 4 and earlier versions always record all responses up until the correct response is detected or a time limit is up. The difference in SuperLab 4 is that you can designate more than one correct response.

The even has only the micrphone checked as the correct response but there are other responses (mouse button) used in the study that are NOT checked for the event, though they are visible in the correct response window.

My suspicion is that your event is set to end on a time limit. If this is the case, then SuperLab will register a new response every time the participant stops speaking and restarts within that time limit (and within your threshold settings).

I expect you’ll want to use the first RT, as that would be when the participant first spoke during that time interval.