Multiple Monitors

Is it possible to simultaneously present image files to seperate monitors? For example, a trial begins, image file 1 and image file 2 pop up on two monitors at the same time.

Many thanks

Unfortunately not.

Could I work around this by changing my display to a larger than actual size? Here I would create one large image that acutally had both images (split down the middle) so that image 1 is displayed on monitor 1 and image 2 on monitor 2. A similar “fix” if you will is reported here using matlab and the psychophysics tool box.

SuperLab will use any monitor size, but only 1 monitor.

Duct tape

You could drive two VGA monitors from a single port using a video splitter, and cover up the left side of monitor A and the right side of monitor B with duct tape.

Greg Shenaut