Multiple Lists

I have a question about using multiple lists on SuperLab 4.5.3.

I have a situation where a small fraction of the events in my experiment have three separate trials (sentence prime + target word + comprehension question), while the majority of events only have two trials (sentence prime + target word). I do not want to have comprehension questions for each event, but I am finding it difficult to figure out how to add a third list so that it is only applied to the first 10 or so trials.

Is there any way to add a third list for just a fraction of the events (without having the third list start from the beginning for the rest of the trials, as is mentioned in the manual on page 55)?

I appreciate any help you can offer!

If I am understanding the problem correctly, you want some trials to have

(sentence prime + target word)

but you want other trials to have

(sentence prime + target word + comprehension question)

Is this correct? and if true, can the comprehension question always be paired with the same trial? or does it need to be associated with a trial at random?

Yes, that is correct. The comprehension question must always correspond to their specific sentence prime + target word combination.

See the attached experiment, I think that it will do what you are looking for.

Only subset of trials has comprehension question.sl4 (7.2 KB)