Multiple images with randomisation issues

Hi, I wondered whether anyone can help. I’m trying to setup an experiment where there are 3 pictures on the screen at once and the user has to select one of the images using a mouse.
I’ve managed to have the 3 images appear on screen using the Trial Variables option to set randomisation, but when I run the experiment and check the data, it only seem to store the location selected and not the image selected. It also does not store the order of the images appearing on the screen (from left to right). without knowing this, I have no way of working out which picture was selected.
I’ve attached the experiment file and would be most grateful if someone could shed some light on this so that I can either store the picture selected or have the images display order stored.

Many Thanks, (45.9 KB)

Thank you for posting your experiment. For your events “Pic 1” and “Pic 2” change the settings under the Input tab to end on a time limit. Try a time limit of 1ms. Doing this will show the picture file names you want within the data file.

Thanks Monika, that seems to be working now.