Multiple choice text mouse input

Hi all,

I’m designing an experiment where people view a face for 3 seconds, then on a separate screen are asked “What emotion did you see?”, and given four choices: “Happy” “Anger” “Fear” “Neutral”.

I understand how to set the participant input to the left mouse button, but I can’t figure out:
a. how to have the question sitting at the top of the screen
b. How to have the four different choices simultaneously available to be clicked, running from left to right, about half-way down the screen.

I’ve tried creating a picture file and then assigning specific pixel locations as correct responses, but it doesn’t really work.

I’ve tried using “Text chosen from the list”, but it seems I can only create one list; I assume I want multiple “lists” which are then presented simultaneously??


I have attached a sample experiment.

  • Look under [B]Participant Input[/B] for [B]Mouse or Touch Screen[/B], double click on either "Left Mouse Button" or "Right Mouse Button"
  • You will see that "Automatically determined by the position of the visual stimulus" is selected
  • To display multiple stimuli on the screen at the same time, every event must have "Immediately after the event is presented" selected under the [B]Input[/B] tab, except for the last event
  • Also, within each event, under the [B]Stimulus[/B] tab, [B]Settings[/B], and [B]Presentation Options[/B], you will see how the settings are used. They are different for the first, middle, and last events (31.4 KB)

Thanks very much for your detailed response and the attached sample task.

Everything works great, but unfortunately, I need participants to be able to click any one of the options (i.e. pic 1, 2, or 3). In other words, I need multiple correct responses available on that one screen.

If I have “Immediately after the event is presented” checked for all but the last event under the Input tab, then I am only able to click on the final event to register a response. Obviously, without that box checked, the events only unfold one by one.

Again, I’m probably missing something obvious.


I have attached a revised sample experiment. Within Participant Input for Mouse/Touch Screen I created new responses for my stimuli. Here, I also designated the size and coordinate position of where the stimuli is presented in the screen.

When you go into one of the events, and press Preview under the Stimulus tab, you will see the areas highlighted. Also, under the Correct Response tab you can see the three stimuli are marked as a correct response. Now, any of the stimuli clicked will show up in the data file. (31.5 KB)

Brilliant, it works! Thank you so much!

I have to say putting in multiple objects is quite counter-intuitive…