Multiple Choice + input field

I have set up a question such that there are three multiple choice answers and a fourth “other (please specify)” answer. Unfortunately, when I try to use a string input response along with the fields that I have used for the multiple choice “buttons” it says that there is interference. My questions is whether or not I can have three (or more) multiple choice buttons as well as a field in which a participant can enter an “other” option.

At this point I can only do either multiple choice OR a text field input, but not both on the same page.

Also, is there a way to have multiple string input fields on the screen at once? It looks to me as though you can only make one field for an entire project.


Hi Patrick,

I’m assuming your multiple choice “buttons” are of the mouse input type. You can’t have mouse input responses with string inputs in the same event because SuperLab won’t know if a mouse click was an actual response or just a request to reposition the cursor in the string input field.

What you can do is just use two events. The first event would have the multiple choice buttons. One of those buttons would be called “Other” which would take the participant to a new event. This new event could be your string input field.

Also, is there a way to have multiple string input fields on the screen at once?


Hope this helps


I did this with conditionals and it all works nicely. If a choice other than “other” is made, it moves on to the next question, of “other” is selected, it moves to a screen that asks for specification with an input field. However, when the program moves to the “other” event, it does not record the inputed data into my data file, even though this same input response records data for other events. Please help.


What version of SuperLab are you using? In older versions of SuperLab, feedback events did not save data. If this is the case, updating to the newest version of SuperLab should fix your problem.

Also, double check that the ‘Record and save response’ box is checked for the event under the Input tab.

Let us know how this turns out for you.