Multiple branching based on specific responses


I’m trying to create a SL experiment in which participants answer a series of questions (answer is either “a” or “b”) but each subsequent question to be presented is contingent upon their responses to previous questions.

As an example, look at the following figure:

The experiment starts with Q1. The solid black arrows represent a response of “a” whereas the orange broken arrows represent a response of “b.” So for example, if a participant responds “a” to Q1, the next question to be presented should be Q2. Then if they respond “b” to Q2, the next question to be presented is Q5. And then if they respond “b” to Q5, the next question should be Q8. In total, each participant should be presented with precisely 4 questions regardless of which route they take.

I have tried using some of the conditional branching techniques described in the manual and in these forums but nothing seems to work. Is there a way to do this in SL?

Thanks for your help.

I spoke with one of the developers about this and he thinks it could be done. We will try to have something put together for you by Monday or Tuesday.

Great thanks - looking forward to it!

Thank you for your patience. We thought that this was a possibility within SuperLab, unfortunately it is not.

Our lead developer took a look at this and realized that it can be done. I’ve posted the sample experiment they created.

Sample_Multiple_Branching.sl4 (16.7 KB)