Multiple alignment settings for experiment?


I am trying to make an experiment where I have a four scene array and then a cue will appear next to each one. The problem I am running into is that whenever I upload the cue as a stimulus file it never has the fixation cross at the middle so I have to play around with the horizontal and vertical alignment. This creates a problem because now I have four events that need to randomized but always come in a certain order.

The experiment is set up as follows:

A fixation cross is shown>a four scene array is show>a cue appears either on the bottom left, bottom right, upper left, or upper right, participant responds>repeat.

But the way I have had to work around it has made it show all four cue locations after each other because if I group them together in a stimulus group they will lose their alignment settings.

I will attach the experiment below.

Thank you.

Four Scene (1.75 MB)

The cue files contain the same fixation cross. Is the intention that the cue file will overwrite the existing fixation cross at the same location?

By default, SuperLab aligns the center of images at the center of the screen, represented by the green circle:

However, because your fixation crosses are not at the center of your images, this is what you are experiencing:

Center the fixation crosses in your images.

Also, in your case, you should change the size of your cue - fixation cross images to the size of your stimulus array (~ 400 x 340px). This is so your red cues will better match the position of your stimuli.