.mp4 movie file sound problem

Hi everyone,
Do you know any reason why the sound for a .mp4 movie might not play when the video plays? I’m using the PC version, and the video works okay in quick time. I’m new with superlab so thank you!

never mind!

I just changed to .mpg files instead. Sorry–couldn’t figure out how to delete the thread. thank you.

Sorry for not responding sooner. On Windows, SuperLab uses DirectX to play movies, so it’s limited to what formats are supported. On a default install of Windows XP (or later), simple AVI and MPG movies will work fine. To add support for additional formats, install the DivX codec.

On Mac OS X, SuperLab uses QuickTime to play movies, so format Support is less restrictive.

Thanks Hank. Yeah, I’m generally a mac user so I’m not only learning SuperLab but also just PC info at the same time…