Can any one help? We are using an mpeg as a component of a trial - the event that immediately follows the mpeg is a static frame of the last position of the objects in the mpeg. At the moment there appears to be a perceptible jump before the static frame is presented - I’m just guessing, but having looked at the mpeg event using the play option, this may be because when the movie finishes it re-sets to the start causing the final frame of the mpeg event to be different from our static frame. Any idea’s on how to fix this. [Anyone managed to get the Preview option to work on the movie events, as it seems to lock when I use it]

This portion of the movie plugin has been tweaked a little bit for the next free update to SuperLab 4. My focus was on the Mac side of things, as there was a white flicker that was occurring at the end of a movie.

I have not seen movies revert back to the first frame on either platform. Also, the preview feature works fine for me for both platforms. One important thing to not about movies on the PC is that the movie plugin uses DirectX 9’s VMR9, and therefore it is highly dependent on a video card that is capable of running the VMR9. Make sure you have the latest DirectX from Microsoft, and also make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card.