movies won't play

I’m new to SuperLab. I’m designing a study that involves multiple video clips. They are MPEG files from 45,000 to 117,000 KB (not sure if that’s relevant or not). Anyway, SuperLab and my program will run, but it skips right over the videos. They also are not viewable in the Event Editor either. Last week they would work, but the videos were contained in their own window (smaller and shifted and not appropriate for the study). This week I get nothing. any clues?


Some video hardware on Windows has difficulty presenting movies through the DirectX VMR9, in my experience. Different computers can present different numbers of movies before this happens. My computer can play seven or eight simultaneously, but any additional movies show up in this “ActiveMovie” window. Some here at the office can play four or five, and others can only play one or two. This appears to be related to the quality of the video card, where newer/better video cards can handle more.

A few things you could try, though I don’t know if they’ll make a difference: update to the latest version of DirectX; update your video card drivers; install DivX (or uninstall it) and you may have a different experience.

playing back videos

In regards to anelson’s posting, the issue seems to stem from CyberLink PowerDVD. SuperLab attempts to play the videos in PowerDVD, I’m guessing this is related to PowerDVD trying to become the default player for MPEG files. To resolve this issue (to the best of my knowledge), you will need to uninstall powerdvd, rollback windows media player, install windows media player 11, install the full klite codec pack (with “Media Player Classic” unchecked and the default MPEG encoder set to “ffdshow”). You will have to reinstall klite for each profile on the machine as even changing the default file association types will not correct this issue.