Movies files on OS X - crashing

Hi all,

I’m running an experiment that uses multiple video files as stimuli. During our first few pilots, I’ve had SuperLab crash around the 2nd or 3rd video (some trials have 12 video clips). OS X brings up an error log, which I regrettably didn’t save. I know it had some lines about video codecs.

Currently the videos are .avi. I have the Perian codecs installed which allow me to play them in quicktime. I notice though, while scanning the videos stutter somewhat and eventually crash. Has anyone encountered this? I’m recoding the videos into .mov format but am cautious to book some more scan time in case that doesn’t resolve this.

I suggest breaking down your experiment so that there is one movie per trial. Please let me know if this does not stop SuperLab from crashing.

Hi Monika,

Two of three experiments I have are currently set up to have only one video per trial (the other has half the trials with 2 videos separated by a fixation). I experience crashes on all three of these experiment set ups.

I would like to take a look at your experiment. I will contact you by private message regarding posting.