I’m a new superlab user and I’m running an experiment with 83 movies (each 15sec) as events in three different trials. The events are randomized. Superlab crashes after playing ca. 33 movies without any problems. Then I get the error “Failed to load shared library ‘dbghelp.dll’ (error 8)” and sometimes I get the “error 1114”. I’m using Vista and Superlab 4.0.7b. The smallest movie size is 7.617KB, the biggest 12.821 KB. Is that too big? Any advice?


Your post seems to imply that SuperLab is always crashing at the same point. Is it crashing when it’s a particular movies turn to be played? Does previewing all 83 movies in the Event Editor work? The reason I ask is there may be a corrupt movie file, or a file in the wrong format.


it’s not always the same movie. They are randomized, sometimes it is the 33third movie, sometimes the 35th, but it is never the same, when supelab chrashes. The movies are all in .mpeg2 and I can play them in Qicktime, Media Player etc. without any interruption.

Yes I just tried to play them in the Event Editor and it’s not a problem with any of them. Any other advice?

The bug might be due to memory usage, but there might be something we can do to work around it. I’ll send you a private message on how to post the experiment.