Movie Event + Stimtracker

Is it possible to take advantage of Stimtracker’s lightsensors during the presentation of movie events?

This would be a bit tricky, I think, but feasible. It would involve editing the movie and keeping an area of that movie, say, always white. When you want the light sensor to trigger, you would have a “light sensor patch” appear on that spot.

Thank you. As I understand, it is not possible to link a movie event with a picture event that would stay invisible until the movie presentation starts (as in the case of other visual stimuli and lightsensor)?

You can have for example have two pictures displayed at the exactly the same time, but not a movie and picture. But you can get close but displaying the picture and starting the movie immediately afterwards. This would require two events: the first for the picture, set to end immediately (in the Event Editor’s Input tab), and the second one consisting of the movie.