Movie Crashes

Hi all, I am using OSX 10.4.11 using Quicktime 7.4.5 and experiencing unpredictable crashes when using movies (.avi,.mp4,.mov) as stimuli. The sticky doesn’t specifically address issues with OS X 10.4.1 (Tiger). Does this sound like a Quicktime problem, and if so any thoughts on what version of Quicktime might work?


Hi Joe,

The person who can best help with movie issues (Hank) has just left for a two week vacation. I’ll leave him a note to follow up on this thread as soon as he returns.



The sticky doesn’t address issues with 10.4 because so far as I’m aware, there haven’t been any compatibility issues between QuickTime versions on 10.4.

Are you running on a PowerPC or Intel Mac? Does the QuickTime Player play the movies fine without crashing? Could we get a copy of a crash report (or more if there are)?

I will be more accurate in my description: sometimes after a movie has finished playing in superlab the computer will freeze (I think), <Esc> doesn’t allow you to exit superlab, and I can’t force quit. Last time I tested this it happened for .avi, .mp4, & .mov.
As it freezes and doesn’t crash there are no crash reports.

We are running PowerPC and quicktime plays the movies fine without crashing.

Thanks for your help.

What version of SuperLab are you running? (4.0.7b is the latest.) What machine are you running it on? Is it a single-processor or a multi-processor machine? How long are you waiting to decide that the machine has “frozen?” (important on a single-core Mac.)

We are running superlab 4.0.7b on an IMac G5, with a PowerPC G5 CPU which I believe has a single-processor.

I just ran another test with longer movie files, the movies froze after ~ 1 to 5 seconds. I waited a minute to make sure the machine had frozen. It was making all the noises of internal explosion.


Still wondering.

Bump. Any thoughts?