Mouse Response Buttons


I am trying to create an experiment where a stimuli is presented at the top of the screen, and response “buttons” are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

For example, the top of the screen might have a picture of a dog. The bottom of the screen would have options “dog” “cat” “tree” “fish” “apple” and “red” in 2 rows of 3 words and the participant has to click the word “dog”. I would preferably like each word to be in a box, so that it looks like a button to click.

Then the next trial would appear, and so on.

I have a stimulus list with the 6 response options as text. I would like these “buttons” to randomize each trial (e.g., if trial 1 has the words in the order above, trials 2 might have tree red apple fish cat dog, and so on).

These response boxes would stay visible the entire experiment (with the word order changing each trial).

Then I would show pictures 1 at a time and the participant clicks the correct word.

I am currently stuck in getting all 6 response options to appear on screen at the same time, and then my next challenge will be to tag stimuli so that we know whether they clicked on the correct word for each picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t created Superb tasks since version 2.0. :slight_smile:

I have figured out how to get 6 response buttons to appear at the same time, and have used Tags to link stimuli with the correct “button”. However, I had to tag a specific location as being correct. I would like the buttons to randomize each trial, and to link the stimuli presented with the correct response button on screen.

I’ve attached what I’ve got so far.

You’ll see a word appear at the top of the screen, and 6 pictures below it. Currently the pictures below always appear in the same place. I would like them to randomize among these locations (e.g., sometimes the boat is the top left, sometimes the bed is top left). I would also like to somehow tag it so that it marks a response correct - if they see the word “boat” and click on the picture of the boat, it should mark it correct regardless of where the boat picture appears.

Thanks in advance!

Response (516 KB)

Welcome back, there are a lot of new features since SuperLab 2.0. :slight_smile: I see in your experiment that you have caught on to one of the new features, Trial Levels (trial variables) and have created one called “Emotion List Location”. However, you are not using it. You need to make two changes to your experiment:

  • In the Event Editor’s [B]Stimulus[/B] tab, click on the [B]Settings...[/B] button. When the dialog appears, change the position option from “Fixed at Location” to “Variable”. Do this for all the visual stimuli whose position needs to be randomized.
  • Edit the “Emotion List Location” variable. In the [B]Level Selection[/B] tab, change “Sequential” to “Random with no replacement”.

Thank you! The response options are now appearing randomly in the locations I want.

The next step is to figure out how to know what picture they clicked on. I was previously basing correct responses on a Tag based on the location (e.g. because the Bed was always in the top left).

I know if they pressed the top left, top right, etc. location, but I don’t know what picture was in that location when they clicked it.

I also know what picture was presented at the top of the screen based on a Tag.

How can I create a Tag or Parameter that will tell me what response option was in the location that they clicked?


Unfortunately, I cannot think of a way to tell what picture was clicked on – only what position.

Please note that the data file contains all the information, so one would be able to know exactly what was clicked on during post-processing.