mouse click response set-up


I am setting up an experiement in which people are presented an example (a few sentences) and must choose one of 4 responses. I need to set it up so that it only goes on when the response is correct. I have tried to create a picture with the example and 4 answers included, but i can’t seem to figure out the correct way to input the pixels and X and Y coordinates. How do I do this? I saw a previous example “raphunderwood” in another thread but i dont understand how to set up the correct answer for each example using that method. Please help!


  • Within SuperLab go to the [B]Experiment[/B] menu, and choose [B]Participant Input[/B]
  • On the left you will see multiple input devices that SuperLab accepts
  • Select [B]Mouse or Touch Screen[/B]. By default there is a "Left Mouse Button" and "Right Mouse Button" response set-up on the right and side
  • If you double click on either the "Left Mouse Button" and "Right Mouse Button" a dialog menu will appear
  • At the bottom of the [B]Mouse Response[/B] dialog window is where you enter the pixel position and size of the response stimulus. From what you describe in regards to your experiment setup, you would need to create 4 responses
  • Once the responses are created, you would define which response is correct under the [B]Correct Response[/B] tab within the [B]Event Editor[/B]
  • Under the window [B]...the correct response is[/B], select "One or more of the following" and check the correct response for that particular event