Mouse click not registering single click (MAC)

Greetings fellow superlabbers,
I have a mouse click selected as the correct answer however the mouse click does not register the first time. It sometimes takes 2-4 times to register the mouse click. I know this bug was fixed for the pc version of Superlab 5. Are there any solutions for this bug on macs?
Thanks so much

Under the “Mouse or Touch Screen” section within Participant Input, there is a Data to Save tab. What do you have selected here?

Thank you for the speedy response. I have selected The key number, Whether the key was pressed or released, and The pixel position.

Do you think you can post your experiment? Please post as an Experiment Package, which is under the File menu within SuperLab.

experiment package

Hello, attached please find my experiment package, thanks so much, so cog

testVKA .zip (147 KB)

When you define your own Mouse/Touch Screen responses it is important to delete the two defaulted responses that SuperLab provides, which are “Left Mouse Button” and “Right Mouse Button.”

The reason why your event “testResponse” is not moving on after the first click is due do the Feedback you created on the event “Anagrams.” This feedback is causing the event to be presented twice, once after “Anagrams” and then again after the first click. After deleting the feedback the experiment was able to move on after the first mouse-click.

Note: I had to disable the Participant Groups in order to run the experiment since the groups created did not have any blocks selected to run.

thank you!