Motor Control Study

We are new to superlab and would like some guidance on getting started. We’ve been through the tutorial twice and have backgrounds in motor control studies of RT, movement time studies examining right and left hemisphere control of human movement.

We have 10 different cues (conditions to move either the rt hand, lt hand, rt foot, lt foot, or 6 combinations) , 4 variable foreperiods, (for a total of 40 trials), and one stimulus to move. We are video recording the movement of the subjects so we do not need any response from the subject within this program… What’s the best way to set this up using superlab ?? I started to look thru the available experiments but didn’t see any that could help… we started to edit the tutorial to fit our study but got confused…

Thanks for any suggestions to get us started.


This question might be faster discussed over the phone. Feel free to call me at 800.233.7871 or send me your phone number via a private message.