Mixing picture and sound


we’ve been reading the manual and look throught this forum but we did not find the answer.

We are trying to make a startle reflex experience. We need to show a picture for 6 seconds, and, while the picture is still at the screen, we would like to have a very short sound, randomly, between 3 and 5 seconds after the begining of the picture.

How to mix a picture and a soundfile? We found how to place a picture while a sound is playing, but we would like to do the opposite. A brief sound while a picture is showed.

Thank you

Hi Xavier,

It is possible to start a sound file, at random, between 3-5 seconds after the start of the picture. But, in version 4.0, it is not possible to send the picture 6 seconds after it shows up, due to the 3-5 second variable. You can erase the picture either after the sound has finished playing or a constant duration after the sound has started to play.


Perhaps the picture could be a movie file six seconds long?

Greg Shenaut

Thank you for your answers.

Yes we thought about a movie, but what a work :)… and it does not allow us to randomize the sound.

Stacey, is there a version that can allow us to do such thing?.

thank you again

I didn’t mean to make a movie of the entire block, that would be a lot of work indeed. I meant simply to make each stimulus a movie. Well, I say “simply”, it does take some time, but not too much if you have the right tools

On the Mac, you can do this most easily with Quicktime Pro’s “Image Sequence” option; for example, making a .mov file containing a “sequence” of one image with five seconds per frame appears to work, but of course you can fiddle around with frames per second and duration as much as you like. Then you can set up the movie to keep playing until it ends, and deliver audio stimuli and read responses while it is playing; when the movie ends, it will go away.

Greg Shenaut

An alternative would be to create multiple audio files with 3-5 seconds of silence at the beginning. Present the audio asynchronously immediately prior to the start of the six-second image, and you would have a solution.

I did not thought about that Hank, but that sound like a good idea…

Thanks again everyone for your help