measuring RT and scoring responses

Hi- I’m new to SuperLab and on top of that I’m trying to teach 20 students how to use it… I’ve run into a problem I can’t figure out. We’d like to measure RT to a briefly presented stimulus (100 msec) … a blank screen (or mask) would follow. I’ve created an event with a blank “text” screen to follow the stimulus event.

  1. the timer is reset in the stimulus event. Will the response that occurs during the subsequent Blank screen be measured from the start of the preceding stimulus event?

  2. In order to score the response, I’ve set up in the Blank screen event to base the scoring on a Code that defines the correct response. But when we run it, all the responses are coded as Errors. If I eliminate the blank screen and base scoring on responses made during the Stimulus event (allowing the event to stay on until a response) the scoring is ok.

What are we doing wrong?

I’ve attached the program for perusal…

As this is a class project… this is somewhat urgent…

Bottini&Delesalle7.sl4 (12.3 KB)

The answer to your first question is yes, the response is measured from the start of the preceding stimulus event.

Regarding your second question, the problem is that the event “Response” does not know which stimulus item was presented in your “Stimulus” event. One way to make this work is to have the response event use the same stimulus list but display the stimulus off the screen so the participant won’t see it.