Matlab Code fro data acquisition from SV-1

Can someone point me to the Matlab codes that I can use for data acquisition from SV-1? The support group link, given on the website doesn’t work.

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We updated our forum software a while back and some previous link no longer work. You can find Matlab questions and answers here.

We have not officially supported Matlab in the past but we are looking at doing so in the next 2-3 weeks.

Hi @rohitbose94, have you managed to make it work in the meantime? I need the same thing. My first idea (just connected it now for the first time) is to simply read serial port inputs in matlab and try to figure out the string indicating the vocalization (i.e. on which bit(s) it occurs). Have you tried anything similar?

Sample code from Cedrus is coming soon. Give us a week or so.

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@Hisham Thanks! Is there a way to get notified when this is done?

I’ll post a note here, you’ll both get a notification this way.

Hello, we now have sample Matlab code posted.