Matlab BrainVison Recorder io32


I am using Matlab and Cogent to present visual stimuli. Normally I use the Mex-File Plug-in for Fast MATLAB Port I/O Access ( in order to synchronize my EEG-recordings with the presentation of stimuli. The stimulation-PC is connected via the Cedrus adapter board to the acquisition-PC. However, no triggers appear in the BrainVision Recorder. Now I am wondering whether the adapter board/ BrainVision is not compatible with this method of triggers, or whether there could be other reasons why it does not work?
Any ideas which lead to a solution are much appreciated!


When you say “Cedrus adapter board”, which product are you referring to? Is it an I/O card? or StimTracker?

I mean this box

(there is no StimTracker in the lab.)

We do not manufacture the “USB 2 Adapter” shown on that page. It is made by Brain Products. It is shown on that page because this is what StimTracker connects to, but we are unable to provide support for the USB 2 Adapter.

I guessed as much after your last post…
Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

On the Cogent

Hi Liloe

not related to the issue but just wanted to share you may want to have a look at if in case you haven’t tried it.

We also use Cogent before but I opted to use PsycToolbox :slight_smile: