Markers not showing up in Acknowledge during testing

I’m having a strange problem. I am using SuperLab in conjunction with a StimTracker and Biopac system. When I test my digital output events (markers and a trigger for electrical stimulation), they are not going through. When I hit “test now” on a marker event, I don’t see the marker in Acknowledge. Similarly, if I try to trigger our electrical stimulation, when I hit “test now” the shock is not triggered. I can however see an SCR signal in Acqknowledge, so the problem doesn’t appear to be a bad connection of the Biopac and our Acqknowledge laptop. There is no error message in SuperLab.

The strange part is that when I run the script by hitting the play button, all the markers work fine, and the shock is triggered appropriately. This makes no sense to me—why would it work when the script is playing but not during testing? I think this suggests that it is not a hardware problem.

Another thing I noticed is that when I hit “test now” and it doesn’t work, the StimTracker still lights up.

On certain occasions, the test button works again, though no changes have been made to the hardware/script in the meantime.

Can you check to see what version of SuperLab your running? If you are not using SuperLab 4.5.4 please download it from the link below and see if you continue to have the same issue.