marker for stimulus


I did not find help in the forum yet, so I will try it with a new thread.

I am preparing an experiment with SuperLab and EEG.

I created a marker for 2 images that appear at the same time. In the event list the marker is right before the images.

I tested the onset and offset of the marker and the images. Now the problem is, that the marker OFFset indicates the image ONset. But I want the marker ONset to be at the same time as the image ONset.

How can I do this in Superlab?

Thank you very much in advance!

If you want to mark both the onset and offset of the two images, I suggest that you have a “digital output” event before the two images, and one after. But instead of setting the action to “Generate a pulse”, set the action on the first digital output event to “Raise lines”, and on the second digital output event to “Lower lines”.

Thank you for your answer!

I would like to just marker the ONset of the images.

Should I just click “raise lines” for the marker that comes before the event instead of generate a pulse? Is it exactly the marker for the onset of the image then?

For marking just the onset, you need only one digital output event. It should come after the two pictures are displayed but before you start accepting a participant’s response.