Manipulations within a item in a stimulus list

Hi again,

I would like to get an advice first before building my new experiment.

I will be conducting a language processing study where 500 sentences will be presented word-by-word. Sentences will be presented one word at a time, each for a duration of 300ms with a 200ms blank between words.

However, using the RSVP event didn’t let me insert a blank between words. So I tried putting spaces manually(as seen in my stimulus list)
e.g. Bob\space \is\space\my\space\friend.

Is there a smarter way to do this? e.g using ISI event etc.

Also,is it possible to set time variations on each word and each blank within on item in the stimulus list? 300ms-200ms-300ms-200ms…and so on

Along with this,most importantly, I want to be able to set digital output on the last word of each sentence. But I am not sure RSVP function lets me set digital output in a specific place within the stimulus list item.

I appreciate it very much!

manipulation within an item.sl5 (6.3 KB)

I’ve modified your experiment. See the attachment.

To implement finer control than the RSVP events, you can use text stimulus lists and replace each backslash with a new line. Then, you can achieve all that you have described via tag sets and rules.

refinedRSVP.sl5 (6.9 KB)