making buttons and recording responses

I created an experiment in which participants are asked to identify whether or not a letter is facing the “normal” direction, or “mirror-imaged.” These letters are in various angles and after seeing 2-5 of these letters, the participant is then asked to recall what orientation the letters were in, in order.

All this is done, but now I’m extremely frustrated. basically, there are response fields over the buttons for “normal” and “mirror-imaged” that respond to a mouse click. I made it so both were the correct response, because I want the experiment to move on, regardless of whether or not the response is “actually” correct. My frustration is in that the data file doesn’t show which of the fields was clicked on. It just lists the fields and the numerical location where the participant clicked.

How can I make it so that the data output shows whether they clicked on the normal “button” or the mirror-image “button.”

I’ve tried coding and other things, but I’m not sure how all that works. Please help soon!

I figured it out. If anything you can post a reply telling me how to delete my own posts :stuck_out_tongue: