Major feedback timing bug

I’ve discovered a major bug related to the feedback option in the event editor. When I try to provide feedback if the response is less than (or greater than) a fixed amount of time, the program does not work properly. I’ve discovered that the feedback timer starts at the beginning of the first event of the first trial in the experiment, and DOES NOT RESET with new trials or events (unlike the event recording timer). As such, clicking the “Reset RT timer” box does not have any effect here.

For instance, I want Superlab to provide the feedback “Response was too slow” if a participant takes longer than 1000ms to respond to a stimulus. However once the first 1000ms in the experiment has elapsed (usually during or shortly after the first event/trial), Superlab will always display this message. This is because the feedback timer is apparently not resetting when a new trial or event starts, regardless of whether the “Reset RT timer” box is checked.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem?

You’re exactly right. Internally, SuperLab stores all times relative to the beginning of the experiment. Unfortunately, the calculation in this case was not being done correctly, so the result was that the response time was always relative to the beginning of the experiment when used in either “Response was too slow” or “Response was too fast.”

I’ve now fixed this issue, and the fix will be included in 4.0.3 when it ships.

Any idea when 4.0.3 will be released? If not soon, is it possible to release a patch for the timing issue?


Please contact Stacie and we’ll get you an update. 1-800-CEDRUS-1.

Issue Fixed

SuperLab 4.0.3 was just released yesterday and makes this bug fix available to all users. Thank you for reporting this bug.