Madrid Card Sorting Test

Dear Community,

I am just beginning some research with Superlab. I will use SuperLab pro 2.0 to generate tasks to assess attention set-shifting. In my experiment design , I will use Madrid Card Sorting Test model to measure shift attention. Participants are instructed to match the response card with one of the four reference cards following one of three possible rules: number, color, or shape. The sorting principle is to be determined with the help of feedback delivered after each response.(correct and incorrect)

Each trial start with the display of the four reference cards on the upper third of the computer screen, plus one response card occupying in the lower third of the screen. Participants will ask to classify the response card by pressing one of four buttons on a response pad (RB 834). Feedback will be provided 1600 msec gap between button- press and feedback onset. If participant press button (one of four reference cards ) match to response card , feedback " correct" display on computer. If participant press button which mismatch to response card , feedback “incorrect” display on computer.Follow by next event (same rule) display.

For this design, How do I set event and feedback in SuperLab pro 2.0?

thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.



I highly recommend using SuperLab 4.5, version 2.0 is no longer supported. Also, SuperLab 2.0 is not compatible with Windows 7 and Vista.