I’ve developed some macros to so that my programme ‘leaps’ from one block to the next after its presented a small number of trials from the events list (which uses a stimulus list). So, it presents 4 trials from the stimulus list in event one, then leaps to block two. It presents one trial from the stimulus list in event two and leaps to block three, and so on. This appears to work fine. Once it has got to block four I have another macro which sends it back to block one. This is fine. BUT when it goes back to block one, I want it to present the next stimulus from the stimulus list that wasnt presented before.
E.g. on the first presentation ‘round’ it presents lines 1-4 from the stimulus list of event one. When it loops back to the next time of presenting stimluls from this event I want it to present lines 5-8 from the list, and so forth. At the moment the programme reverts back to line 1 and presents lines 1-5 and then stops.

Is it possible to put a ‘count’ in somehow so that it starts at the next line each time it loops back?



This can be done under the Trial Editor. You would create an expression under the When to Present tab which states, “Number of Times This Trial Has Been Presented Is Equal To 0.”

This will also work even if you choose to have trials randomized later on.