Macro in block Go to another block

Dear experts,

I’m trying to set up my experiment and I encounter some difficulties.

My experiment consists in 20 trials that I separated in 20 blocks (1 trial/block). I’m measuring reaction time.

If the subject success at the trial/block number 1 (RT>300ms) he access to the trial block number two, then if success to the number 2 he goes to the number 3 and so on until 20.

If the subject fail (RT<300ms) for example at the trial/block 10 then he has to go back to the trial 9, and if he fail again to the trial 9 he has to go to the trial 8 … and so on…:smiley:

I set up these parameters using a macro in the block like :

Expression “average in this block is less than 300 ms”
If true “Exit this block and present block X-1”
If false “Exit this block and present block X+1”

With X = the block where the subject actually is

The problem is if the subject fail to the trial/block 10, the software will shift to the trial/block 9, but if the subject fail AGAIN the software will continue with the trial 10 instead of shifting (as indicated by the MACRO) to trial block 8… :confused:

After three days trying and trying I’m desperate …
Does somebody have some solution ?
Thanks for your time and your help


I’m not 100% sure if this would help, but try adding the action called Clear “Trials Presented in This Block” Variable prior to the jump in all the macros.

Thanks for the idea but I didn’t find where is this action.

thanks again for your help

I found it let hope it’s going to work

yeah !!! it’s looks like it’s working :):):slight_smile:
thank you so much !