Macro Help!


I created an experiment in superlab 4.5 on my mac a few years ago. Within the experiment I created macros that assess when 8 correct answer occur in a row, and when this condition is satisfied, the experiment progresses to the next block. I also built in time out functions, so that if after 5 minutes the participant still has not gotten 8 correct answer in a row, it also progresses to the next block.

Everything is working wonderfully on my mac, but I just sent the experiment to a colleague who is now trying to run it on a PC and none of the macros seem to be working.

Because I created the program a few years ago, I cannot remember if I had issues when I tried to run it on a PC (I formally ran it on a PC as well)… and I am not sure what to suggest to my colleague to try to get it to work.

When he opens up the macros they all look identical to what I have on my machine – yet they aren’t running correctly.

Is there something he needs to do to enable the macros – or can anyone think of any possible reason why they won’t run on his PC and they are working fine on my mac? (I also has someone else run the experiment on a mac and it worked fine for them as well).

Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated!!

I am sorry about your troubles. Please see Hisham’s response from this thread.