Mac to Windows convert?


Can experiments created on Superlab 4 on a Mac be used or converted to be used on a PC with Windows?

A collegue has 50 odd experiments on a Mac version of Superlab 4 but is now being forced to use a PC. Re-creating the experiements would take a very long time!


Yes, they can easily be transferred between the two. This question was answered in detail here:

Thank you Hank - we managed to get round to testing one created on a MAC and it worked relatively fine on a PC.

Thanks for the info.

Different versions?

I have version 4.0.2 on the Mac and version 4.0 on the PC. I made the experiment on the Mac and the PC says it won’t open because it was made with a different version. Is there a workaround for this?

The only way the PC wouldn’t open a 4.0.2 experiment file is if the version of SuperLab on the PC is older than 4.0.2, which would likely mean it’s running 4.0.1. 4.0.5 is the latest version, and it has many bug fixes and a few new features relative to 4.0.2.

Both computers should be running the same version of SuperLab.

I did use excel macro to a similar task for a large number of experiments running on 1.75. Now our lab got version 4 for PC and I need to run a large number of experiments created on 1.75 for Mac. I thought I will open a dummy experiment created on version 4 as an excel file. Compare it with my exist experiments created on version 1.75 and see whether I can write a macro for such conversion. However when I try to open an experiment created on version 4 as an excel file I only get garbled characters.

Do you have any suggestion?

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SuperLab 4 experiments are no longer text files, and therefore they cannot be read by Excel.