Mac and Windows Compatibility


I am currently trying to run a Superlab 4.5 program that was created on a Mac on windows.

I am aware of the typical change in font that can be easily corrected, however, I am having issues with the macro code.

For instance, the participant get 8 responses correct consecutively in order to move on to the next level of difficulty in this specific task OR if they cannot do this there is a time out function of 5 minutes in which they will automatically be moved onto the next level of difficulty.

I have tried to complete the task several times, and it appears to move onto the next difficulty level randomly. I have compared the macros on my computer(windows) and on my colleagues computer who made the program (mac) and they seem to be identical.

Has anyone experienced this sort of issue before or know about how to fix it?



We’ve never had a report about macros behaving differently on Mac vs. Windows.

Normally, we would want to take a look at this, but unfortunately we cannot do that for SuperLab 4.5. It was replaced by version 5 over three years ago.

Of interest, one of the major upgrades in SuperLab 5 was macros. They were completely rewritten and replaced by rules. If you get SuperLab 5 and run into the same issue, we will gladly take a look at your experiment. SuperLab 5 can open all SuperLab 4.x experiments.