Lumina 3G+ controller: Problems with receiving MRI triggers

Dear all,

We have used a Lumina 3G+ controller for a couple of years for fMRI studies, but recently we are having problems receiving the scanner triggers.

The Lumina is connected to a 3T Philips MRI scanner and to a MacBook Pro (macOS Big Sur, 11.6), and is set to Keyboard mode using ASCII.

The problem is that sometimes the trigger is not received (about 2-3 times out of 10).

Moreover, the trigger light (on Lumina) is always turned on even though MRI scanning is over.

Therefore, we have to turn off the controller and turn it on before the subsequent session starts.

Can you tell me how can I fix these problems?

Thank you.

Can you please tell me which firmware version you are using? You can use our Xidon software to determine that.

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The firmware version is 2.2.8.

You need to update to firmware version 2.2.9. It fixes this specific issue.

Hello, Hisham.

I did update the device to firmware version 2.2.9.
However, the problems remain the same.

  1. The trigger light (on Lumina) is not turned off automatically even though the fmri scanning is over.
  2. The fmri trigger is sometimes not received.

My question is,

  • Does this problem due to my device’s specific malfunction? If so, do I need to take a repair procedure?
  • And is it possible that the reception of the trigger becomes unstable because the USB driver on Macbook is unstable? For example, Mac cannot detect the Lumina device in some cases, and can detect the device in other cases (whenever I turn off and on the Lumina device).

Thank you in advance,