Looping Filler and Test blocks that use stimulus lists

Hi -
I’m trying to set up a priming paradigm where I have 3 types of items - fillers, primes and targets - that are all responded to in the same way (Yes/No response). Primes and targets are paired, but participants are not aware of this.

What I want to do is

Present Some Fillers (random number, perhaps based on time elapsed since start of block/trial)
Present 1 Prime
Present 1 Target
Present Some Fillers
Present 1 Prime
Present 1 Target
Present Some Fillers etc… until all Primes and Targets have been presented.

Fillers, Primes and Targets would all be selected from Stimulus Lists without replacement. Ideally I would like to use just two blocks (Filler and Test), so that once a Prime and Target had been presented in the Test Block, SuperLab would loop back to the Filler Block and continue.

The problems I am facing are:

  1. I cannot get SuperLab to loop back to the Filler block after a single presentation of a Test block (i.e., after one Prime/Target pair has been presented)
  2. I cannot get SuperLab to move sequentially through the Primes and Targets stimulus lists. Their presentation does not need to be randomised (as prime-target pairs need to be kept together). It seems to be skipping every other item.

I attach my latest version, but I’ve been going around in circles for a while with this. Any help/advice with this would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance,

Sample.4.07b-stimulusList.sl4 (11.2 KB)

Hi Dermot,

This might faster discussed over the phone and using screen sharing. Please give me a call when you can at 1.800.233.7871.