Loading stimulus

When I close superlab and open it again, the system asks me :unable to load stimulus file…stimulus file does not exist… Although I saved the experiment. But I need more than 100 events (which consist of the same 4 pictures, in a specific (which is not possible in superlab) randomized order) with different event names, so that system can show them in this randomized order. I can not load every picture again, it would take so much time.:mad:

If you move the stimulus files, SuperLab will not be able to find them. The experiment stores the location of the stimulus files both relative to the experiment and as an absolute path. If neither of these are valid, then SuperLab asks where the stimulus files are.

SuperLab is smart here. Each time you tell it where a file is, it looks to see if any of the other stimulus files are in that same directory. Therefore, you may only have to tell it where one of the files are–not all 100 of them.